#Fashion: Attending Company’s Party

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As promised, I will constantly updating you here with some of my #ootd and fashion outfit post which can filled in my fashion & trends category for this site, usa-gou.com. And hopefully I can includes all my outfit picture here for you to see on how I can see fashion in me.

This recently, me and my family are got to attend an party, actually an company party, in place in L.A , I dunno though the exact location but it will surely around L.A. We drove for like 4 hours going to the venue and I must say, it worth the effort because we really enjoyed ourselves on the entire party.

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Girls have their own times at party for sure..

Luckily though, we bump into some old friends at the party, too, which we aren’t expect at all. But I am so happy then to have catch up with these fellas which I haven’t seen for like one year already. Indeed, this company party is a blast and I hope we can attend again next year for us to gather and have some chit chat like we have did last night.. 🙂

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By the way, the dress I wore here is from forever21 that Ive got for 20 USD and the wedge heels are for Kolh’s that I bought online for 10 USD for total which is a great deal, right? You can also check out the online shop now for you to check the heels for more colors and sizes sections.

Canada: Fun Riding The Cable Cart

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One of the most activities that I really look forward to was to ride on the cable cart at the top of the falls. It is indeed heart wrecking experience because of the heights that I dont used to. We pays 15 USD per each which is quite reasonable already because when the time I rode the able cart in Singapore, as far as I remembered – we paid 23 USD for one ride each that I think is way expensive than here in Canada.

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The cart is about to take off.

Hubby is quite anxious at start, even I. But we managed to enjoy it at the middle of the ride because of the great scenery we’ve got to see at the top. You may also check YouTube for the ride videos for you to see the views we’ve sees because I got no videos at all for the whole trips. Bear with me then..

Fashion: Sporting my blue coat #ootd

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Beside with my travel experieces post here, I also includes some of my fashion #ootd and finds I’ve got from the shops I almost considered as for my fashion outfits. And for my recent Canada trips I decided to sports on this blue warm coat here which I got from macy’s for only 23 USD. Yes! that’s too cheap for an awesome coat like this. I actually got this on its sale price plus I’ve got some coupon to use to lessen the total amount as I check out.

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The blue coat can be paired up with any slim fit pants you have and even on your fave boots as for your winter outfit, of course. And the whole outfit I pull off here are from Macy’s too as I have some coupon and discount to use, fair enough than spending on the other shops whose not that fond giving discounts for their consumers.

Alright, that will be all for now and please keep on check my fashion categories for more of my outfits posts and am gonna list out my fave stores for you to check on too.

Experiencing Niagara Falls

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It is such fulfilling on my end that I got to experienced this kind of thing which a personal encounter with the famous and lovely falls, Niagara Falls, around the world, I must say. Because this was one of the life time experiences we can have as we aren’t that wealthy to spend for a vacation that much. But good thing we made it here, that me and my husband are truly thankful for, hopefully we can able to get back here and spend to the other state of Canada besides Ontario and Toronto.

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Enjoying the splashing water from Niagara falls

Wrapping our body off for us to avoid being wet and as I remember this plastic wraps are free to use as we rode on the ferry going near to the falls, you can check out details about the ferry ride online and as for the ride fees.

Canada: CN Tower + Fine Dinning

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Firstly, I forgot to mentioned you on my last post for my Canada trip where we did checked in for our accommodation, and its at Hilton Falls view and we liking it because we sees the falls at our window and it does refreshing to us to see every morning for the whole stay we made it there.

We firstly gone to CN Tower to see the beauty of Toronto and I must say, it is such pretty and the scenery was superb, though we have some nature viewing back home, in the Philippines, and yet Toronto has quirky views to offers for their tourists. Yes! I really recommending Toronto specifically as you planned to go on vacation at this country, Canada.

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We dined in at the top of the tower and I need to admit that this was our first time to do it as we aren’t that fond doing such luxurious thing like this one. But my husband insistently for us to try it at least once and enjoy the experiences though the bills is quite beyond our budgets..

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We even ordered wine for the first time because we usually got some for free from our work, yes! that is good thing about our work which they’ve given some liquor for us to enjoy. The wine in this resto is tasty and we even finished it before our meal’s ends.

Alright, that’s it for now and please keep on tuning in here for more of my Canada visits…

Visiting Victoria Butterfly Garden Canada

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I know most of you will agree that most of us girls are quite fascinated with some butterflies with no definite reasons. I dunno, might we feels that butterflies are representing us women and fly freely as we do.

Last month, me and the husband got an off from work for 2 weeks and we don’t know what to do on those days hence we decided to go on a short trip to Canada since it’s just 4 hours away from California where we’re currently resides right now. We took an plane first thing in a morning and before the lunch time we’ve reached buffalo airport New york which we’d starts our journey.

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Took a car from the rental cars company in new york and am a say that their cars are pretty clean and new which we’re like riding our own. My husband drove the border going to Ontario Canada for our first stop which in Victoria butterfly gardens , you can see me on the top photo enjoying the butterflies.

You can also enjoy the place as you found yourself one day roaming in Ontario near part of Niagara Falls. the fee is $16 USD for adult and your can either avail the annual fee of $30 USD and visit the gardens many times of the year. For those students, Child and senior citizen who wished to visit the gardens, good thing they’d consider giving out discount for ya’ll. As I know the fee for you is $11 USD for one time entrance and for the annual is $20 USD. For more details, go to the victoria’s gardens main website for you to know such info.

Note: This post is not a paid nor advertisement  post. I wrote this based on my own personal travel experiences.

Welcome To My site, USA-GOU.COM

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Hi Folks,

Firstly, Thanks for visiting me here as I am too keen to put up all my personal travel experiences and tips here as I can’t include them up over my other site called detodoeuropa.com. Hence, I am putting all the travels here as well some sorts of my fashion finds and outfit posts, probably.

What do you expect here?

Well, As I says. This blog is about all my travel photos and my personal experiences either I’ll put my itinerary for you to follow as you quite pleases though on what I did in the certain places I’ve been to.

 Since I am currently residing in the states. You can then expect me to post up all my states travels as we planned, me and my husband, to have an states tour this coming march, 2016 that may filled up this blog surely with bunch of awesome scenery that I got snapped to.