Nica’s 6 Months Photoshoot

As you can see on this blog, I am quite idle in the past months as I need to take care with my baby chub here which is truly blessing for us couple and look at her she’s too cute to handle, isn’t it?

Actually,  we constantly have her photo shoot each month since the day one and please bear with me for not blogging it up here as I am too busy handling our home thingy and to my job as well that makes me feel quite tired in a day hence I really cant able to write up most of the time. But I’ve promised staring today I’ll be more doing my blogging responsibility and try to update you more on what’s gonna happened to me being a mom to you more likely see my baby chubs more often now.

Just last day we went in menifee to the photographer that turnt out to be our good friends now to have my baby chubs some photo done for her 6 months old and all photos turned perfectly and to be honest I really enjoyed seeing my baby enjoying her own shoot without us having any problem at all, you know baby tend to cry more as someone doing unfamiliar to them right? but baby chubs she keeps her smile all the way that can makes the job easily.

I hope my baby chubs will grow healthy and keeps on smiling in any situation she does and the only greatest wish that I have was for her to be happy for the rest of her life.

Thank you and please do come up for more nica’s posts. Happy Easter everyone!


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