Missing my family back home

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We Filipinos are well known around the world by being family oriented because we go first the family thing than to the others, in short, we priorities family above all in the world, on my own perceptive – I must say.

Its been 4 years already when the time Ive been parted with my family though husband is here for me anytime of the day and still it’s better for me to have my family around for me to share laugh and even random thoughts with them. But I am very positive that soonest I’ll be able to reunited again whether here in states or back in the Philippines.

My mum is like an sister to me, she even cracks some jokes sometimes as for my brother too. They’re both fun to be with, I am telling you. Though dad is one conservative and quite serious every time but I’d still find it fun though because he cant even drive on what we’re talking about, me my mum and my brothers which ended up a full blast of laughter.

Yes! I badly misses them and I hope we can get able to see them soon and have some quality time together like we used to, before..

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