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Firstly, sorry if I haven’t update you here more often since last month as I need to prepare for my pregnancy as I am quite fragile as I conceiving my lovely princess. But good thing, I can do minimal task online now like writing and attending my client’s needs little by little but as the baby continuously growing up inside I’ll be more able to do things up, base on my physician. But no worries, all is well now hence I am starting to work again here.

So, what I have today? well, let me tell you about these versatile womens dresses that I’ve recently knew. Though these dresses aren’t that much well known as for today but I do believe that these dresses would be on the fashion scene the next couple of months as fashion enthusiasts and icons like myself are getting crazed to them already, that means we can influence online by making this dress in trend anytime soon, so please watch out to it. Meantime, you can have yourself one already at winniedress shop has they only one selling, at the moment online.

 photo fashionable-mermaid-beaded-high-neckline-long-satin-chiffon-illusion-back-two-piece-prom-dress-wnpd0530-a_4_zpsjgznh6ne.jpg

Fashionable Mermaid Beaded High Neckline Long Satin Chiffon Illusion Back Two Piece Prom Dress$178.00

The shop,, offers two piece prom dresses, the one am talking about, that you should consider now because the type of dress is really comfy thus it does this elegant appeals as you wears it. Do some search about it then and you’ll see that mostly well known celebrities, both locals and international, are wearing it off now which made the dress in demand today.

Good thing, the shop has some prom dresses under 200 to choose from with as you have a tight budget to spend. Because the shop is very considerable about prices as they are really concern, in away, on how their customer spend.

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