Should eyewear be functional or stylish?

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From shortsightedness and farsightedness to astigmatism and cataracts, there a number of existing eye conditions that require eyewear of some kind in order for vision to be restored, or at least improved. While some people will happily wear eyeglasses in order to experience perfect sight again, others aren’t so convinced by bulky unfashionable frames, or the idea of wearing facial accessories every day. The good news is that there are vast arrays of eyewear options these days, and people can choose their treatment depending on preference. So, what are these choices, and what might persuade a person to opt for one kind of eyewear over another?

Eyeglasses: Style versus function

The argument of style versus function is one that is frequently explored when it comes to eyewear, in particular glasses. There are those that will argue that it doesn’t matter what a pair of glasses looks like as long as they fulfill their function, while others may be more fashion conscious. So who’s right? The answer is nobody; wearing glasses is a personal choice, which shouldn’t be swayed by social convention. There are those, of course, that would find it difficult to wear glasses, or would be swayed by the idea of style versus function or vice versa; perhaps their job is very physical and wearing glasses is impractical, they hold a particular role where taking care of their appearance is secondary, or even frowned upon, or they need to look good every day and would be tempted by particular styles. With so many contributing factors, it is essential for a person to take their circumstances into consideration before opting for the right eye care for them. Do they want to look good? Is function more important to them? Is it possible to achieve both? These days the answer is yes, and there are a number of celebrities and notable figures out there famed for their eyeglasses – proof that a person can have functionality and style. Meanwhile such an accessory is also said to boost professionalism, sophistication, and even sex appeal. Not bad for something that requires prescription!

For those that can’t wear glasses

Whether it’s a demanding or physical job that makes wearing glasses impractical or a personal preference against such an item, there are people out there that will choose to seek an alternative to eyeglasses – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Contact lenses, which are invisible to anyone else, have become increasingly popular in recent years, while laser eye surgery has also proven a viable option for anybody not convinced by wearing glasses. Both of these eye care solutions would allow a person to carry on with their own personal style, while receiving the benefits of vision correction. That’s ideal if they’re style conscious, yet looking for functionality. Laser eye surgery, which can be a permanent solution to sight conditions, is rising in popularity, as it gives people freedom from glasses, and improved vision without the need to fiddle with lenses. The nature of such a procedure means that it requires extensive research though – laser surgery is not for everybody, and anyone considering it as an option should research local surgeries and clinics properly. Luckily there are excellent resources now available for you to find out more, and you can even find your LASIK practice in Minneapolis, or anywhere else in the country easily online. Excellent eye care is just a mouse click away.

Glasses, lenses and surgery; not each option is suitable for everybody, or the kind of lifestyle they lead. One thing is clear, though. When it comes to choosing style versus function a person no longer has to limit their options – it is possible for them to correct their vision and have it all.


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