Shopping with my girls

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Daily work can really gives me an anxious feeling where anxiety where visible when every time a boss called for amendment and sort like that. That is why I really look forward for my off day to come as I do all things that can really makes me happy and one of it was of course, every women loves to do, which is shopping… Yes! weekly, me and my girl friends were have this girl bonding where we drive off to San Diego in those sale stores there just to buy off our things.

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Look how I enjoyed my me time here. I did bought myself some lovely finds that I could wear off in as my daily wear and at the same time I did bought an dress and a pair of shoes for this coming event that my company had hosted. Please do check me often here as I plan to do my #ootd post for the said event.

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After the tiring shopping by running and fast walking just to get the sale item we’ve decided to have our rest and treat ourselves with savory foods here in the resto, sorry though  – because I did forgot the name of this place where we have our lunch.

Overall, I enjoyed my day off with the company of these 2 lovely ladies here and definitely I wont forget to treat myself again by my next off.. heheh

Also, we are planning to check out our friend’s Lviv Stag Do party near the area which prepared by

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