Rocking my American Flag Cap

 photo 20151017_135706_zpsvug5nlqh.jpg

First off, sorry for the lighting of the photo as I took it inside the car while running. But forget it as I am keen to talk about my awesome American flag Cap. Actually, I am not fond with anything head accessories but since I need to pull off my football inspired kind of styling this day, I most probably need a cap to spice up hence I ended up wearing my cap – as you can see on the photo..

As I can see it though, brands and labels today are quite fond of using an country flags for their collection’s pieces, particularly the american flag. I dunno why they’reĀ  such, brands, that nationalist by using the country’s flag for their newest pieces. But we need to admit, that these pieces which has flags prints are the hottest and in trends for today’s fashion which we fashion bloggers and enthusiasts are quite pleased to have and eventually have it to rock it on our post outfit, like I do now here..

My cap is from macy’s and I only bought it for like 4 USD.. Yes! that’s cheap!! so what are you waiting for?? Go check macy’s and have yourself one to rock on..

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