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One of the main problem that may up as you planning your own wedding was , first the preparation which is given and quite stressful at times, but that’s pretty normal as wedding ceremony is a big event hence you should iron all the necessarily things first before the wedding day have come. Secondly the entourage, yes! you should pick those people who has placed in your heart might be your best friends, family, siblings and sorts and of course your parents couldn’t be abolished in this walk.


3And the most important thing that you should have not forget was your own wedding gown and after the wedding dresses as these were the most look forward to by your attendees on your wedding. That is why others are getting their gowns at those popular designers hence it can brings impressions not only for family but also to the whole attendees. but usually these gowns as for custom made are pretty expensive than to the pre made as we all know. But you know what? Ive knew one shop here that can help you with to have your dreamt wedding gowns in a very reasonable prices an yet the quality doesn’t compromised at all. The shop am talking about is Cocomelody where all the lovely and chic wedding gowns today were houses.

The shop sells wide arrays of wedding gowns and some of those are these well trend backless wedding dresses and open back wedding dresses which I know you are dying to have for, especially if your wedding day was dated this summer season.

 photo Wedding-Dresses_zpsn2vyrfgy.jpg

And just in time, the shop is having their summer sale event where you can have an discount of 20 USD off as you placed your order to them. just use then the code W20 on the promotion code section before checking out then it will automatically lessen the price of your item.


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