Fashion: Trying out my new jumpsuits from Macy’s

 photo 20140905_020043_zpsxidqucgd.jpg

Firstly, sorry for the bear face and kinda disgusting background, I don’t really mean that. LOL But anyway, this recently I’ve found myself again roaming at my fave store which in Macy’s and of course I can end the day hand’s empty hence I did got myself this lovely and chic jumpsuits for only $20 USD. Yes! you heard it right… This lovely candy here is just that much that is already a great deals than having it for its regular price for $60 USD. So, how I can do that? Well, I have some bunch of friends who given me this 10USD off voucher that can be use only for macy’s and luckily they’ve gave me this 40 USD worth of voucher which quite awesome to have, right? That’s why I ended up paying 20 USD on total as I checkout..

 photo 20140905_015849_zpsmtwlaizl.jpg

I think, jumpsuits are one most demand and mostly picked today by these fashion icons and enthusiasts. And even famous fashion bloggers are keeps on pulling this off hence I thought it’s best for me to have one and have myself in trend as for today’s fashion. So, how is it? do it look good in me? please leave a comment below and hopefully I can have a proper photos soon wearing it than these photos here which are quite unpleasant to see.. ahaha

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