Fashion Hauls: Meet my babies #Toryburch #Katespade

 photo bags_zpsqnjmqagm.jpg

Girls, we have to admit that most of us are fascinated with some of our babies, bags, than to the other fashion finds we’ve got on our closet. That is why I am happy when I did have these #Toryburch #Katespade bags with me. Actually, I did saved up for these baggies just to have them as my holidays present through my one year of hard work and hardship to coop up in the new environment at work. ehhe Yes! I did changed my position already hence I need to associate with again in the newly people inside the new job am working of, hopefully I can fits in well to them and have my so called friends to be fun with..

Anyway, I’ve bough these 2 bags for 400 USD in total and I have them online which is save the time and very convenient for my end as I am so busy on the daily basis due to work and other errands. Yes! I know these cost me too much than the usual I spend but yet I am happy with it hence I dont feel the guilt at all. Besides, this was only once a year so I’ll definitely spoiled myself in it.

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