Enjoying My Bento Lunch Box

 photo IMG_20719663903711_zpslnedwbed.jpeg

In states, all type of cuisines are available you just need to find them for you to taste the world. Especially here in California, we are fortunate enough by having all the types of foods on our neighborhood hence we often tastes all the foods that can pleased our tastes buds.

This recently, me and the hubby are had gone to the mall just to buy off things for our home and since we haven’t eat much for our breakfast we’ve both decided to treat ourselves in the Japanese restaurant nearby where we got to eat the bento lunch box which I used to eat back home, In the Philippines. Though the taste aren’t that authentic, I must say, and yet it’s tastes good and I really does makes my hormones works by releasing the serotonin , I supposed that is the right term though – bear with me if not. haha, and makes me feel happy and fulfilled.

The lunch box has sorts of eggs in it plus the sweet and sour kind of beef or I think that is a fish fillet, sorry I really cant able to distinguish as I am so hungry that time though, and of course the Asian rice is always present.

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