New year’s celebration

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First off, lemme greet you all a happy new year and I wish all the best this whole new year and have all your dreams came true by working on it in the hardest you can, of course.

Recently, actually on the the new year day , January 1 2016, me and my husband decided to have our little celebration for us to thank all the blessing that our Lord God had poured us this previous year 2015. Indeed, we were blessed enough in both career and love which our relationship became more strongest this year as we overcome all the hardest trials we’ve been bump into. Luckily, there’s no such tragic happened in both of our family. Which I truly thank you for big time, and hopefully this year ahead, 2016, will be also that fine like the previous one.

Husband and me had checked in in the finest hotel in California for a night for us to experience on how to feel luxurious beside it’s just once a year to happened hence we should enjoy it much though the accommodation on this hotel is quite beyond our budget.. hehe But I’d look forward that someone who owns a hotels there that’s currently reading me here would take me as their blogger and review their awesome room for us to try.. hahah Hopefully I can get such offer soon..