Fashion: Trying out my new jumpsuits from Macy’s

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Firstly, sorry for the bear face and kinda disgusting background, I don’t really mean that. LOL But anyway, this recently I’ve found myself again roaming at my fave store which in Macy’s and of course I can end the day hand’s empty hence I did got myself this lovely and chic jumpsuits for only $20 USD. Yes! you heard it right… This lovely candy here is just that much that is already a great deals than having it for its regular price for $60 USD. So, how I can do that? Well, I have some bunch of friends who given me this 10USD off voucher that can be use only for macy’s and luckily they’ve gave me this 40 USD worth of voucher which quite awesome to have, right? That’s why I ended up paying 20 USD on total as I checkout..

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I think, jumpsuits are one most demand and mostly picked today by these fashion icons and enthusiasts. And even famous fashion bloggers are keeps on pulling this off hence I thought it’s best for me to have one and have myself in trend as for today’s fashion. So, how is it? do it look good in me? please leave a comment below and hopefully I can have a proper photos soon wearing it than these photos here which are quite unpleasant to see.. ahaha

Fashion: #ootd for the day

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Today, the sun goes up and weather is real good. Hence, Ive decided to take my ootd for you all guys. Actually, I have some errands to take today and some of it was to do grocery shopping with my husband because this was only our available day to take all the necessarily things that needed to be settled before we can go to work by tomorrow.

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We also drove off to post office to get some of my parcels from my sponsors which I may thinking off now to do an post fashion haul for me too, to have this blog going by filling up some of fashion related stuff which I truly love in the first place. But let see how’s it going as soon I made some for this blog. So, please keep on tuning in here for the updates.

Off To Gym

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I need to admit that I am loving myself more. Well, in the good thing I am not that vain in that matter but instead I used to invest on something better – yes! for better health, I prefers.

Actually, before when I was in the Philippines this kind of thing which is working out and lifting aren’t my thing at all but when the time I moved here and the diet aren’t that good like what I have back home. I’ve then decided to hit the gym more and be fit as I could. Because I am kinda health conscious and I just wanting to have these all organic for my food.

 photo 20140929_091304_zps9zkrlvo0.jpg

Of course, as we working out – we should have to have this proper outfit to wear for us to be more comfortable doing your stuff and for me. I am so fond of wearing Nike among all sports brands available today in the market. Because nike’s really speaks to style thus I most probably considered them than others.

Also, as for today. I officially opening up my new series of post under my lifestyle and health category which you may see me in action and some of the outfit Ive done pull off for my workouts. I hope then you can always check it out and lets all be fit and healthy. Lets practice the healthy living!!!

Goofing with friend + Braided Hair

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This is so rare to happened, which me and my friend got this “girl time” to spend for a day. Because as you all know that people here in states are quite busy working their way to live. That’s why I am so happy then to have this quality time with my friend and to catch up lives and news about her.

Though, on occasion day. We can still have this but still it’s best if we could do this at least once a week and have our girl’s deeds such as: going to parlor, have a massage and do groceries and clothes shopping – that mostly women do these days.

 photo 20140921_183012_zps0xo4vyve.jpg

Since we couldn’t go anywhere today due with some circumstances, we’ve decided then to stay at home and have some little fun to do which friend played the role of a parlor girl then have my hair braided for fun.. Who is it? do I look like Rapunzel now? While me having her nails done with some arts in it, too bad.. I cant get a photo in it for you to see. Anyway, there’s still next time and I promised to show with you some of my nail’s art done..

#Fashion: Attending Company’s Party

 photo 20141018_171920_zpsniu7d7fv.jpg

As promised, I will constantly updating you here with some of my #ootd and fashion outfit post which can filled in my fashion & trends category for this site, And hopefully I can includes all my outfit picture here for you to see on how I can see fashion in me.

This recently, me and my family are got to attend an party, actually an company party, in place in L.A , I dunno though the exact location but it will surely around L.A. We drove for like 4 hours going to the venue and I must say, it worth the effort because we really enjoyed ourselves on the entire party.

 photo 20141018_194332_zpsg6caus6k.jpg

Girls have their own times at party for sure..

Luckily though, we bump into some old friends at the party, too, which we aren’t expect at all. But I am so happy then to have catch up with these fellas which I haven’t seen for like one year already. Indeed, this company party is a blast and I hope we can attend again next year for us to gather and have some chit chat like we have did last night.. 🙂

 photo 20141018_172042_zpsvecoa3de.jpg

By the way, the dress I wore here is from forever21 that Ive got for 20 USD and the wedge heels are for Kolh’s that I bought online for 10 USD for total which is a great deal, right? You can also check out the online shop now for you to check the heels for more colors and sizes sections.

Canada: Fun Riding The Cable Cart

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One of the most activities that I really look forward to was to ride on the cable cart at the top of the falls. It is indeed heart wrecking experience because of the heights that I dont used to. We pays 15 USD per each which is quite reasonable already because when the time I rode the able cart in Singapore, as far as I remembered – we paid 23 USD for one ride each that I think is way expensive than here in Canada.

 photo 20141023_121740_zps1fasyigl.jpg

The cart is about to take off.

Hubby is quite anxious at start, even I. But we managed to enjoy it at the middle of the ride because of the great scenery we’ve got to see at the top. You may also check YouTube for the ride videos for you to see the views we’ve sees because I got no videos at all for the whole trips. Bear with me then..