Buy Clothes online and Look best

There’s no doubt that women love to look good and feel great in the clothes they wear. Feeling and looking great overall begins with a great foundation, which is why it’s so important for women to have great quality lingerie under their outerwear that they can really count on. Though stocking up on high quality women’s panties and underwear can get pricey, the good news is that now there are many great options online for women who want good quality clothing at an affordable price.

Online Options

Today there are many easy to use online sites that specialize in bringing quality lingerie to women at affordable prices. One of the best is, which offers a great selection of quality brands at wholesale prices. It’s easy to use these sites, as the pages are clean and easy to read, and shopping is as quick as clicking a link. Most sites do have convenient return policies, too, so if something doesn’t fit quite right, exchanging the items shouldn’t be a problem.

Choose From Great Brands

One of the criteria for a great shopping site is that it has a lot of great brands on offer. is one of the sites that provides plenty of great choices, like great looking bikini and brief panties from Sofra. These panties go on easy and wear well, and they look great too.

Mamia panties are another great choice. This brand offers great choices in panties for girls and women, with a huge array of looks and styles to choose from. Mamia also has darling seamless tops for girls with favorite cartoon characters. These tops are smooth and comfortable, and they look as cute as can be. Ladies will love the choices from Mamia in lacy panties in brief cuts or in a fetching thong design.

These days, there’s just no excuse for wearing dowdy looking underwear, not when there’s so much available at quality sites that offer great looks at unbelievable prices. When you’ve got the urge to shop, go online to find the best prices and value around.

Classic Wedding Dresses from

No one beats the classics they say. I should agree on this as for the fashion sense – a lot of people prefers they own statement to be old-schooled or classic made because these styling cant really outdated in the fashion as fashion designers world wide are keen and pretty pleased to include them out as always on their up coming fashion collections hence classic finds are always in trend, I am sure!

That’s why if you’re planning to have your own wedding soonest or perhaps this following years ahead. I may suggest you to take a look on these classic dresses that are being offered at because the shop is more on classic finds though they did have some newest kind of designs and yet they make sure that they always have some classic finds to made for their consumers who loves to follow the classic way of wedding ceremony. But as for my opinion, today’s wedding aren’t that oldies or conservative like way back time, at least now they uses an A- line and backless kind of classic wedding dresses which are pretty awesome to wear and in trend as for dresses in this millennial years.

Scoop Fall Floor-Length Summer Court All Sizes Beading Natural Wedding Dress

Scoop Fall Floor-Length Summer Court All Sizes Beading Natural Wedding DressAUD $ 284.81

If you are looking for the best gowns to wear and these classic ones that can makes you elegant, surely, I really suggest you this kind of gown here, at the top, as it has a great details added to the gown alone and look at that price its really reasonable and you couldn’t find any such for that price around the mortar stores and even to those same shops online.

And this wedding dress has a same plus size wedding dresses Australia that you could check as well if you have this kind of body type. If not, just head over on the link given and it may direct you to the item posted.


The Right Shoes For Every Woman

 photo street-style-tilda-lindstam.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x_zpsi983flgn.jpg

When buying shoes one shouldn’t only look at how nice it is. Personally, I usually purchase shoes that’re pretty and I don’t think of anything else. Once I see something I like I buy it right away even if it’s not comfortable to wear. I sometimes have bunions because I have shoes that are too tight. There’re also times when I experience back pains after wearing high heels for extended periods of time. According to some articles, we should choose to wear footwear that follow the same shape as our foot, meaning it’s best to first know the kind of foot that we have before buying our shoes.

One gauge of a good pair of shoe is how comfortable it is to wear. The heel height shouldn’t be too high and all your toes need to be free to move around so there has to be enough space. The soles are essential as well. They should be hard and anti-slip. Furthermore, the shape of your shoe is also important as well as the type of activity you’ll be doing with a particular shoe and how that will affect the pressure on your feet. If you truly love wearing high heels and feel that you can’t do without them, then you should remember a couple of things like standing up straight and putting your body weight onto your heels. Be confident and always feel at ease walking in your shoes and never worry that you’ll fall or slip because of them.

 photo Street-Fashion-Women_zpsjthzrp7v.jpg

We should be shopping for healthy shoes and House of Fraser has a lot of them. In business since 1849, their goal is to provide customers with the best clothes and accessories for men and women as well as Homeware collections from renowned brands. They have the best shoes & boots online. Their designer’s dresses are cool as well. The store has come a long way, now delivering to over 150 countries with its first international store opening in 2013 in Abu Dhabi’s World Trade Center Mall. It’s quite easy to shop for the items you want by browsing by department or by brand. Some of the brands available are Armani Jeans, Ted Baker London, Pandora, Linea, and Howick. Furthermore, they offer free standard delivery on orders over £50.

Skechers, One of the leading sport brand

 photo IMG_20151016_154008_zps8lfnqnch.jpg

I admit, when I was unmarried – I really loves doing outdoors sports like hiking, camping and diving because I really enjoy myself doing those quite dangerous activities. But when I got into marriage everything changed as I need to consider a lot of things first before doing that so, but at least am trying to do the light activities though I cant able to do the extreme ones and still am happy that my husband allowed me, even joined me, to do outdoor activities that I really misses a lot.

Of course, as you do outdoors like what Ive mentioned you should have to have a proper attire or outfit that can make you go and one of the brand that I always wear was this Skechers as they have the most comfortable and easy to wear kind of outdoor outfits and you can even check the nearest stores in your place and see what’s available for you as its varies based on where you are.

 photo tumblr_mqvokkyxfb1sprm43o2_1280_zpsftapgpcw.jpg

Skechers is well known to their kicks that’s why I’ve got my everyday running shoes from Skechers and always to them as I tested their items a lot and I guarantee you that their pieces would really lasted for a good years, especially their shoes ad sandals. And other good thing was, they do have a lot of designs even colors to choose from with unlike to the other brands that has only 2-3 colors of kicks to offers, because skechers aimed to give customer’s satisfaction and at the same time convenience as for the prices wise. Go check the nearest mall’s stand now or even check for more details and selections.

Loving the new me

 photo 20150819_125852_zpsjv1bzecr.jpg

Last year, I gained some weights which one makes me looks like a piggies but not no more as I did work hard on the gym in the past few months ago just to make myself fit and have wear all my old clothes on. Actually, I am not that curvy but occasionally with no particular reason as I ate like a bunch in 2 days in row you can accept me then to be looking bulky after than, yes! that’s how hard my metabolism was that’s why I am so picky on what am gonna eat thus I’ve decided now to be a vegan ( as much as I can) because I need to consider my metabolism as it doesn’t work that well,I think so..

As you does reads this blog, you’ll probably know that I made myself a gym rat already ( I posted some of myself working too hard at the gym) and with my constantly doing it and with my dedication I did made it.. Yes! I;ve lost some weights already which made me feel like renewed and light.

 photo 20150819_125902_zpsjm87eayr.jpg

I amma say, I loving myself even more today and I’; stick with my plan as always and I’d never tried really to be a food junky like what I used to be before.

Versatile dress to consider

 photo black-3-4-length-sleeve-a-line-bateau-neckline-satin-keyhole-back-two-piece-prom-dress-with-pockets-wnpd0533_4_zps3yqiglgl.jpg

Firstly, sorry if I haven’t update you here more often since last month as I need to prepare for my pregnancy as I am quite fragile as I conceiving my lovely princess. But good thing, I can do minimal task online now like writing and attending my client’s needs little by little but as the baby continuously growing up inside I’ll be more able to do things up, base on my physician. But no worries, all is well now hence I am starting to work again here.

So, what I have today? well, let me tell you about these versatile womens dresses that I’ve recently knew. Though these dresses aren’t that much well known as for today but I do believe that these dresses would be on the fashion scene the next couple of months as fashion enthusiasts and icons like myself are getting crazed to them already, that means we can influence online by making this dress in trend anytime soon, so please watch out to it. Meantime, you can have yourself one already at winniedress shop has they only one selling, at the moment online.

 photo fashionable-mermaid-beaded-high-neckline-long-satin-chiffon-illusion-back-two-piece-prom-dress-wnpd0530-a_4_zpsjgznh6ne.jpg

Fashionable Mermaid Beaded High Neckline Long Satin Chiffon Illusion Back Two Piece Prom Dress$178.00

The shop,, offers two piece prom dresses, the one am talking about, that you should consider now because the type of dress is really comfy thus it does this elegant appeals as you wears it. Do some search about it then and you’ll see that mostly well known celebrities, both locals and international, are wearing it off now which made the dress in demand today.

Good thing, the shop has some prom dresses under 200 to choose from with as you have a tight budget to spend. Because the shop is very considerable about prices as they are really concern, in away, on how their customer spend.

For more details and promo updates lease do add them below:


Getting ready for summer

 photo 20150503_023303_zpszzaymffj.jpg

A quick update, me and my husband is now gone back to home in the Philippines, where the coconut trees were everywhere, thus we were very happy tat we could made it as we aren’t have anything leaves off remains but good thing the company where we currently in are having an renovation expansion thingy hence they’re allowing the employees to have their at least 2 weeks vacation, Yes! that’s how lucky we are.

As we heard that we can have our 2 weeks leaves my husband and I are immediately booked a flight going to the Philippines to see our family back home and as you can see it, we’re now making it happen which we decided to have our quick holidays , with family, and spend it in Palawan where the Krystal clear waters were lies. I’ll be sharing some photos soon hence you should get back here for the update and for the continuation of this post.

Meantime, let me finish this post off and let me leave this photo of myself trying out an swimwear for our vacation. 🙂

Where to buy Winter Clothes?

A lot of you folk doesn’t know yet where to buy off these proper winter gears. Though, there’s a bunch of online stores even mortar stores available today at the mall’s stalls and yet other’s are quite confused then on what should have and not. That’s why I made this post up for you to know further.

Actually, it is depends on what kind of winter activities you should do the day. Other’s wants to go shopping while snows are falling while others are fond of mountain climbing and sorts of skiing deeds. Whatever it may be, as long you knew what proper outfit or kind of winter piece you wear – everything will be all gone right. But if you dont know any idea yet why not checking this shop called CozyWinters where all the coolest winter pieces where houses.

Lovely Open Back Wedding Gowns From


One of the main problem that may up as you planning your own wedding was , first the preparation which is given and quite stressful at times, but that’s pretty normal as wedding ceremony is a big event hence you should iron all the necessarily things first before the wedding day have come. Secondly the entourage, yes! you should pick those people who has placed in your heart might be your best friends, family, siblings and sorts and of course your parents couldn’t be abolished in this walk.


3And the most important thing that you should have not forget was your own wedding gown and after the wedding dresses as these were the most look forward to by your attendees on your wedding. That is why others are getting their gowns at those popular designers hence it can brings impressions not only for family but also to the whole attendees. but usually these gowns as for custom made are pretty expensive than to the pre made as we all know. But you know what? Ive knew one shop here that can help you with to have your dreamt wedding gowns in a very reasonable prices an yet the quality doesn’t compromised at all. The shop am talking about is Cocomelody where all the lovely and chic wedding gowns today were houses.

The shop sells wide arrays of wedding gowns and some of those are these well trend backless wedding dresses and open back wedding dresses which I know you are dying to have for, especially if your wedding day was dated this summer season.

 photo Wedding-Dresses_zpsn2vyrfgy.jpg

And just in time, the shop is having their summer sale event where you can have an discount of 20 USD off as you placed your order to them. just use then the code W20 on the promotion code section before checking out then it will automatically lessen the price of your item.


Shopping with my girls

 photo 20150609_185036_zpsdsj8lcuk.jpg

Daily work can really gives me an anxious feeling where anxiety where visible when every time a boss called for amendment and sort like that. That is why I really look forward for my off day to come as I do all things that can really makes me happy and one of it was of course, every women loves to do, which is shopping… Yes! weekly, me and my girl friends were have this girl bonding where we drive off to San Diego in those sale stores there just to buy off our things.

 photo 20150609_193958_zpsckvha0a5.jpg

Look how I enjoyed my me time here. I did bought myself some lovely finds that I could wear off in as my daily wear and at the same time I did bought an dress and a pair of shoes for this coming event that my company had hosted. Please do check me often here as I plan to do my #ootd post for the said event.

 photo 20150609_155405_zpsgtcjv04u.jpg

After the tiring shopping by running and fast walking just to get the sale item we’ve decided to have our rest and treat ourselves with savory foods here in the resto, sorry though  – because I did forgot the name of this place where we have our lunch.

Overall, I enjoyed my day off with the company of these 2 lovely ladies here and definitely I wont forget to treat myself again by my next off.. heheh