Attending a Friend’s Birthday with baby Nica

As I promised you all guys that from now on I’ll keep you updated on what’s gonna happened with me and to my chubs on the daily basis and please keep on supporting us by often visiting us here for the updates.

Last day, a friend of mine got her son’s 7th birthday and she does invited us all, the whole family, and we went to be with them and to be part of the celebration which is kinda new for nica as this was her first time attending such eventful party and do fairness to my chubs she keeps on smiling to people and she never cries at all which is a good sign though – that means that she really used to have so many people around her unlike with the usual child right we they opt to cry more as they heard and even sees some unfamiliar voices and faces to them, that’s why I am so happy to learnt that nica is easily to coop up with situation.

Of course, the mandatory family picture in the birthday wall wouldn’t have to be missed hence we got our mine together with my beautiful niece there namely belle. Nica is wearing a kolhs dress and I dunno what is the brand though, I just got it to kohls baby section but it does really looks nice as you can see. While me am wearing a blued dress from the client shop called and you can check them out for more wide array of luxurious finds in very reasonable prices.

Nica’s 7th Months Birthday Celebration

As  much as possible, me and the husband wants to have a mini celebration for our little one once every month for her months birthday because back in the Philippines, people there tends to have a mini celebration each month for their babies until the child will reach her or his actual birthday – sounds funny to some but it’s good experience as the family have time to gathered and have some fun at the same time.

My family

I barely include some of my family here as I opt to have a fully fashion niche in here but not no more as I turning the site into family/parenting kind of blog though of course I’ll keep on posting some of my pictures for the #ottd and still I’ll be more considering posting my baby’s #ottd here while me working my ass to get back in shape again. Because as you can tell I really gained too much weights right after I gave birth to my chubs.

Nica’s wearing her smile like always, as much her cousin belle over there too. And I really did hope that nica will grown such a happy kid though I know we really cant give her more but we know we can give here much.

Nica’s 6 Months Photoshoot

As you can see on this blog, I am quite idle in the past months as I need to take care with my baby chub here which is truly blessing for us couple and look at her she’s too cute to handle, isn’t it?

Actually,  we constantly have her photo shoot each month since the day one and please bear with me for not blogging it up here as I am too busy handling our home thingy and to my job as well that makes me feel quite tired in a day hence I really cant able to write up most of the time. But I’ve promised staring today I’ll be more doing my blogging responsibility and try to update you more on what’s gonna happened to me being a mom to you more likely see my baby chubs more often now.

Just last day we went in menifee to the photographer that turnt out to be our good friends now to have my baby chubs some photo done for her 6 months old and all photos turned perfectly and to be honest I really enjoyed seeing my baby enjoying her own shoot without us having any problem at all, you know baby tend to cry more as someone doing unfamiliar to them right? but baby chubs she keeps her smile all the way that can makes the job easily.

I hope my baby chubs will grow healthy and keeps on smiling in any situation she does and the only greatest wish that I have was for her to be happy for the rest of her life.

Thank you and please do come up for more nica’s posts. Happy Easter everyone!


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Men’s fashion: SOPHNET.’s Latest Collection for spring/summer 2017

It’s been a while when the last time I updated you here as I am pretty busy with my work at the same time with my baby Nica. Yes! I gave birth already hence one of the reason why I dont keep my update here because of my beloved baby which is a truly blessing to us because she really brings joy to us. Anyway, I’ll make another post dedicated to her only and you can see some of her picture too in it.

Recently, I’ve learnt that the brand I used to loved which the SOPHNET had releases their new lasted pieces that are included to their spring summer collection for the year 2017. At the first thought, these pieces were just simple but upon looking further I just learned that each pieces where made of in high quality of materials that can make the piece lasted for some good years unlike to the other same brands out there that has the same designs of this jacket they always came to the poor material that can make the piece looks fragile and easy to ripped off which is actually true as you done wearing their item for like 5 times already, which is not good as you’re practical like myself..

The brand uses the camo prints again that actually the trend these days. Though, we’ve seen camo for quite a long time now and yet the prints took it place as one of the trendy prints when it comes to summer collection hence you should have yourself one that i made of camo for you to be looking trendy and “in” in the fashion today.

For the pricing and availability? please do check here often for the update or better yet check the brand’s main website for immediate update.

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