Guitar center used gear

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Eating out with a friend

 photo 20141026_150540_zps3fkv5uzx.jpg

Firstly, this was an late post where I really forgot though as I have a busy days these past weeks ago, but good thing I’ve got my little time now where I can include this photo here where I gotta able to meet up my long time friend in Canada. Actually, this photo was taken last 6 month ago when me and the husband are got our quick vacation in Canada where we got to see the beauty of Niagara falls and the downtown Toronto.

While we are in Canada, I just remembered that my friend back in the Philippines is now residing in Toronto then I just quick hit him out if we can have at least a lunch to catch up things up and yes we made it. We met at downtown and we have a great brunch to share.

Other photos will be share soon as I am still on my vacation, please do often check me here for more travel tips and fashion updates and please keep on bearing me here as I always blogging about personal things as I dont have a spare time at this moment to have all my informational posts to gone live, but no worries they’re on queue now and in any moment you can again starting seeing some updates from the fashion brands you always look forward to.

Getting ready for summer

 photo 20150503_023303_zpszzaymffj.jpg

A quick update, me and my husband is now gone back to home in the Philippines, where the coconut trees were everywhere, thus we were very happy tat we could made it as we aren’t have anything leaves off remains but good thing the company where we currently in are having an renovation expansion thingy hence they’re allowing the employees to have their at least 2 weeks vacation, Yes! that’s how lucky we are.

As we heard that we can have our 2 weeks leaves my husband and I are immediately booked a flight going to the Philippines to see our family back home and as you can see it, we’re now making it happen which we decided to have our quick holidays , with family, and spend it in Palawan where the Krystal clear waters were lies. I’ll be sharing some photos soon hence you should get back here for the update and for the continuation of this post.

Meantime, let me finish this post off and let me leave this photo of myself trying out an swimwear for our vacation. 🙂

The magic of yamaha synthesizer

Got yourself an yamaha keywords or the grand piano perhaps? if so, you might get interests with this yamaha synthesizer too as this tool was very useful to make your instruments ore sounds well and settled. Actually, instruments such keywords needs to be tuned like what others do on their guitars because quite sometimes, the keys of the piano got slides a bit which make the sounds quite lazy and lame thats why a synthesizer is perfectly to have.