Where to buy Winter Clothes?

A lot of you folk doesn’t know yet where to buy off these proper winter gears. Though, there’s a bunch of online stores even mortar stores available today at the mall’s stalls and yet other’s are quite confused then on what should have and not. That’s why I made this post up for you to know further.

Actually, it is depends on what kind of winter activities you should do the day. Other’s wants to go shopping while snows are falling while others are fond of mountain climbing and sorts of skiing deeds. Whatever it may be, as long you knew what proper outfit or kind of winter piece you wear – everything will be all gone right. But if you dont know any idea yet why not checking this shop called CozyWinters where all the coolest winter pieces where houses.

Lovely Open Back Wedding Gowns From Cocomelody.com


One of the main problem that may up as you planning your own wedding was , first the preparation which is given and quite stressful at times, but that’s pretty normal as wedding ceremony is a big event hence you should iron all the necessarily things first before the wedding day have come. Secondly the entourage, yes! you should pick those people who has placed in your heart might be your best friends, family, siblings and sorts and of course your parents couldn’t be abolished in this walk.


3And the most important thing that you should have not forget was your own wedding gown and after the wedding dresses as these were the most look forward to by your attendees on your wedding. That is why others are getting their gowns at those popular designers hence it can brings impressions not only for family but also to the whole attendees. but usually these gowns as for custom made are pretty expensive than to the pre made as we all know. But you know what? Ive knew one shop here that can help you with to have your dreamt wedding gowns in a very reasonable prices an yet the quality doesn’t compromised at all. The shop am talking about is Cocomelody where all the lovely and chic wedding gowns today were houses.

The shop sells wide arrays of wedding gowns and some of those are these well trend backless wedding dresses and open back wedding dresses which I know you are dying to have for, especially if your wedding day was dated this summer season.

 photo Wedding-Dresses_zpsn2vyrfgy.jpg

And just in time, the shop is having their summer sale event where you can have an discount of 20 USD off as you placed your order to them. just use then the code W20 on the promotion code section before checking out then it will automatically lessen the price of your item.

 photo mail.google.com_zpsxhlyga4z.png

Shopping with my girls

 photo 20150609_185036_zpsdsj8lcuk.jpg

Daily work can really gives me an anxious feeling where anxiety where visible when every time a boss called for amendment and sort like that. That is why I really look forward for my off day to come as I do all things that can really makes me happy and one of it was of course, every women loves to do, which is shopping… Yes! weekly, me and my girl friends were have this girl bonding where we drive off to San Diego in those sale stores there just to buy off our things.

 photo 20150609_193958_zpsckvha0a5.jpg

Look how I enjoyed my me time here. I did bought myself some lovely finds that I could wear off in as my daily wear and at the same time I did bought an dress and a pair of shoes for this coming event that my company had hosted. Please do check me often here as I plan to do my #ootd post for the said event.

 photo 20150609_155405_zpsgtcjv04u.jpg

After the tiring shopping by running and fast walking just to get the sale item we’ve decided to have our rest and treat ourselves with savory foods here in the resto, sorry though  – because I did forgot the name of this place where we have our lunch.

Overall, I enjoyed my day off with the company of these 2 lovely ladies here and definitely I wont forget to treat myself again by my next off.. heheh

Also, we are planning to check out our friend’s Lviv Stag Do party near the area which prepared by https://www.lvivstag.co.uk/.

Morning Dip at Pala Casino Resort #California #Staycation #Travel #USA

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As you all know that me and my husband is working in one of the casino resort here in California which the Pechanga resort & casino then occasionally we do gets some free accomodation from the other hotels and casino to try on. Yes! that’s how we enjoy the benefits on working to the field where all the enjoyment and playful activities are free to avail. That’s why we really took advantage when every time we got this invitation to the other casino to have fun..

 photo FB_IMG_1438175980923_zpslmntrnfo.jpg

This recently, one of our good friend invited us to Pala for one night accommodation and trying out on what’s the hotel has to offer. We’ve stayed on the very cozy room that has its own jacuzzi in it which I truly enjoy, indeed! because not all the time I can have myself lied into a bubble with kind of aromatic sense that can truly relaxed me as I did. As for the room rate, I am telling you it does shocked me hugely as it was costly to stay in here but am telling you it’s worth to stay still as they can offer only the best and gives you all the convenient you look forward to in the hotel. But if you were asking me, as a normal people and haven’t that much a lot of bucks to spend I wont definitely consider it as there’re a lot of not so luxurious hotel around California but if you really want an once in a lifetime experience then I’ll definitely recommend your stay here, Pala Resort & Casino. Take note they can even offer a buffet lunch and dinner for free in some time.

 photo 12540540_10205521763738746_8076287809283362816_n_zps5xs3xsih.jpg

The lovely jacuzzi

The bathroom is pretty huge where’s the jacuzzi lies and of course amenities were everywhere and you can even ask for more as you consume much in one go, they can all provides it for free no additional charge, at all…

Indeed! this hotel is one of the best hotel I have been too here in California which I know tourists like yourself will be surely enjoy yourself as you consider to stay here. 🙂

Bargain Shopping at Apparel Candy

 photo street_style_milan_fashion_week_septiembre_2013_437804366_1200x_zpsakfkpmma.jpg

Online shopping has become so popular that there has been an emergence of online stores that sell everything from apparel to food and whatever you may think of. Many entrepreneurs have made a fortune out of this and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna slow down in the near future. It’s a good thing though because consumers have more choices as to the types of items they’re gonna buy and where they want to buy them. Since the market for this business is competitive, stores should set themselves apart from everyone else by being unique and offering something that shoppers will find irresistible. One sure thing that will interest shoppers is affordability. They want to be able to save money and have fun shopping at the same time.

 photo Step-3-Stylized-Sections_zpsytyjefmn.jpg

If you’re an avid shopper or you own a business, it’s a nice idea to think of purchasing wholesale items such as handbags. For businesses, you’ll have more profit since you’ll purchase the products at a lower price. For avid shoppers, you’ll be able to save as well. You can buy wholesale clothing, accessories etc. as many as you want at a much lower price. You can likewise give out the items you bought as gifts to your family and friends.

 photo tumblr_inline_nlcjcu902M1tqs2va_zpsjlhvhvkq.jpg

An online store where you can purchase wholesale clothing and so much more is Apparel Candy. The leader in online wholesale distribution, they sell high quality, stylish, trendy, and low-priced items for men, women, teens, and children. Their wide array of items include tops, T-shirts, blouses, jackets, sweaters, dresses, skirts, jeans, pants, shorts, and plus sizes. They also have accessories like bangles, earrings, necklaces, rings, winter accessories, as well as different types of sunglasses, from ordinary sunnies to wayfarers, aviator, polarized, and vintage. Beauty products like cosmetics, fragrances, nail polish, and eye curlers are available too. If you’re thinking of having a perfume business, buy wholesale perfumes at Apparel Candy. You can also shop for handbags and purses. ApparelCandy.com ships to many parts of the world via USPS. If you’re new to Apparel Candy, make sure to sign up and shop to get 15% off on your entire order.

My Golden Rules for Driving Across the USA

I love exploring the USA whenever I have the chance. When we go away, we often go to one place and stick around. We enjoy the hotel and maybe walk around to explore the rest of the area. If you want to see more of the country when you’re in America, it’s much easier if you can drive. It can be very hard to get around without a car, especially in some places more than others. Driving can be an excellent way to get around the country if you want to see a lot of one area or go even further. But I know it can be hard, especially when you’re used to driving in another country. So here are my top tips for driving around the USA.

Learn the Local Laws

It can be difficult to learn all the local road laws wherever you go. Every time you go somewhere new, you might have to check up on some regulations you don’t know. Even lots of locals are unaware of some of their traffic laws. But you can still do your best to follow along with the rules. You should read about some of the main directions you’ll need to follow, like how to follow traffic signals and when you can overtake on a freeway. Try not to worry too much. If you’re usually a good driver, you should do well.

 photo road-trip-1044982_960_720_zpspssse57a.jpg

Image via ErikaWittlieb

Choose the Best Vehicle for Your Purposes

If you want to have an awesome driving experience, you should choose the best vehicle. As well as thinking about what you can drive, you should consider the rest of your trip. If you want to travel long distances and stop when you like, you might want to have an RV. If you live in the US, you can buy one to use again and again. They make excellent vehicles for long or short holidays. On the other hand, you might prefer something small and compact. A lot of people don’t like handling a larger vehicle.

Plan Your Route

When you’re going somewhere new, it’s always best to know how you’re going to get there. I think it’s a good idea to plan out your whole route first. You can leave it up to your satnav, but you might want to take a closer look to see where it’s taking you. There are some things you can keep in mind. For example, you might wish to avoid freeways, which you can do with lots of route planners. You might need to make sure there are lots of places to stop along the way – especially if you have kids with you!

Keep a List of Emergency Contacts

I like to be prepared and cautious, so I recommend having some emergency phone numbers. Apart from being able to call emergency services, there are some other contacts you might need. If you break down, it will be helpful to be able to call a service to help you. Or perhaps you might want to call a local information service to find out where the nearest hotel or gas station is.

Traveling by car is one of the best ways to get around the country. Whether you live here or come from abroad, you can have so much fun.

Keeping Your Relationship Strong

 photo 2_zpsmvk7gmh5.jpg

A new relationship is always fun and exciting. But what if the feeling wears off? Can something be done to make the boredom go away? No worries since there are ways to keep a relationship going strong. One way is to surprise your partner from time to time by giving gifts, cooking for him/her, taking her/him to dinner etc. These surprises will surely keep the fire burning. Another way is to send romantic and sexy text messages to your partner also occasionally to do online chat from Indian Sex Chat who knows how to arouse your partner in no time. Send short messages of support, love, and admiration are too sexy to do as well..

 photo bcf44a062537f787ff9df2da981084d1bd3b9278_zpsqmlmrmp9.jpg

Another way to surely keep the excitement alive is to try something new together. You can do an interesting activity that you have never done before like perhaps go sky diving or scuba diving. This will help you grow together as a couple. It is also advisable to have regular date nights. Make sure that you are spending quality time together not just being physically together but mentally apart. It is likewise nice to say or express in words what you truly feel. Muttering words of love often and verbalizing what is on your mind is a good way of keeping the relationship strong. Set time aside to talk about your plans and goals for the future and support one another in making those goals come true. Mingling with other couples who have healthy relationships should also be done because this will remind you of how essential commitment is.

 photo hot_zpsva7nqap6.png

Watching porn and trying online sex together might also be a good idea. This will surely increase your level of intimacy. Check out Firecams, a free porn online chat website where you can choose from different categories and chat mates varies with their Age, Ethnicity, Specialty, Hair Color, Body Type, Kinks, Kinky Attributes, Orientation, and Gender. Those who like Indian girls can watch them perform live sexy shows and engage in Indian Sex Chat, to enjoy!.