Luckily to have free #hotel accommodation

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Surprisingly, me and hubby are had got this free accommodation from a friend who used to play in the hotel casino, I think, this room is a complimentary as you often plays in their casino. And yes! instead of using it for himself, our friend, he just then gave it to us to enjoy and indeed enough, we truly enjoyed our one night stayed in this luxurious hotel.

Actually, the hotel isn’t that far on our home and still we’ve decided to stay as we wanted to review it our own for us to have this insight on what they could offer us for the future preferences. Also, I might have them as client in the future too as I am so engaged with my travel blog these days. Also, bear with me today as I cannot disclose the hotel yet as I am not part or working to them this time but hopefully soonest I can gave the full details though..

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This single room we have is heaven, no doubt. Because they even have this jacuzzi at the comfort room which I didn’t expected at all. Because usually, single type hotel room are not that well to accommodate an indoor jacuzzi as it has a small space and need to share with the room area as well. But with my surprised! they did it which I truly like about this hotel. Definitely! I’ll get back soon..

Rocking my American Flag Cap

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First off, sorry for the lighting of the photo as I took it inside the car while running. But forget it as I am keen to talk about my awesome American flag Cap. Actually, I am not fond with anything head accessories but since I need to pull off my football inspired kind of styling this day, I most probably need a cap to spice up hence I ended up wearing my cap – as you can see on the photo..

As I can see it though, brands and labels today are quite fond of using an country flags for their collection’s pieces, particularly the american flag. I dunno why they’re  such, brands, that nationalist by using the country’s flag for their newest pieces. But we need to admit, that these pieces which has flags prints are the hottest and in trends for today’s fashion which we fashion bloggers and enthusiasts are quite pleased to have and eventually have it to rock it on our post outfit, like I do now here..

My cap is from macy’s and I only bought it for like 4 USD.. Yes! that’s cheap!! so what are you waiting for?? Go check macy’s and have yourself one to rock on..

Looking for the best wedding dresses?

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Are you planning already to walk in the aisle this coming months ahead? if so, why not getting yourself the best wedding gown in town. Actually, I am fond of checking online stores where all these beautiful wedding dresses were houses. Because I have a dream ever since to have my vows in front of the lord God who is the most almighty above all. Though I have my civil wedding already here in California and still I wanted to see myself walking in the aisle and making a vows not for my husband but also with God that we can treasure our love till end of lives.

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But before you can prepare the venue itself. You should first go with your dresses which one most important, why? because your visitors are so pleased to have see your gowns at the wedding as they have to appreciate it and have inspired for their own wedding gowns. Yes! that’s how important your dresses are hence you should get the most lovely that yo could get for yourself.

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In line of wedding dresses, we have these cheap wedding dresses and a line wedding dresses that we have to check out because these dresses were perfectly find and the prices aren’t that much but the quality haven’t compromised at all.

 photo 11004746_1_zpshyruhcwl.jpg

And if you don’t know where to buy, I may suggest this wedding dresses australia at beformal because their dresses their were indeed quirky and they surely makes you stands out as you wears their dresses. Yes! that’s it, you can check out their shop today and see for yourself on how lovely their dresses are..

You can also check this link: as you don’t know how to browse their shop. In this link, you can see all the elegant dresses you could wear for your wedding.

Enjoying My Bento Lunch Box

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In states, all type of cuisines are available you just need to find them for you to taste the world. Especially here in California, we are fortunate enough by having all the types of foods on our neighborhood hence we often tastes all the foods that can pleased our tastes buds.

This recently, me and the hubby are had gone to the mall just to buy off things for our home and since we haven’t eat much for our breakfast we’ve both decided to treat ourselves in the Japanese restaurant nearby where we got to eat the bento lunch box which I used to eat back home, In the Philippines. Though the taste aren’t that authentic, I must say, and yet it’s tastes good and I really does makes my hormones works by releasing the serotonin , I supposed that is the right term though – bear with me if not. haha, and makes me feel happy and fulfilled.

The lunch box has sorts of eggs in it plus the sweet and sour kind of beef or I think that is a fish fillet, sorry I really cant able to distinguish as I am so hungry that time though, and of course the Asian rice is always present.

Lovely Wedding Dresses For 2016

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A lot of the people rather a couple were looking forward to know on what are these wedding dresses either the bridesmaid dresses styles that are in trend hence they can consider it for their own wedding this month ahead. Also they were pleased as well to know on what the hottest theme or motifs they should do for their wedding. But as I can see it, garden and beach weddings were ones most considered these days but of course the classic wedding church cant be out listed but if you’re keen to have your wedding ceremony this summer season. I then suggest you to have the garden wedding and have the most light boho wedding dress at Rosa Novias AU. Because the shop is well known on its wedding dresses and gowns and a lot of people around the world is getting their dresses in this shop, hence it’s you.

 photo Ball-Gown-Sleeveless-Natural-waist-Floor-length-Bridal-Gown-12513_zpsrq5pt4bb.jpg

The shop, Rosa Novias AU, is reputable shop for wedding dresses and gowns and they’ve got all the latest gowns listed for 2016 already hence it’s really better for you to lookout for your gowns in them as they have the most elegant set of wedding dresses and at the same time the prices of each of their items haven’t that much unlike as you buy at the nearest mortar stores in your area. Also, the shop offers some lovely mother of the bride dresses for your mum and in law. which is truly beautiful, you can check out the shop today and see for yourself on how awesome and lovely these dresses were..

Year End Party #OOTD

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I admit, I am fond of attending parties and gatherings hence if you’re about to launch in any new products for your company or just having a show room for your line just invite me over and I am happy to attend and have fun – of course my honest review will be posted after.

Recently, our company hosted a year end party where we all employees should have come to enjoy the day though am not a off this day and still I’d managed to attend as I am so keen to witnessed the kind of event.

What I am wearing?

For my shade, Rayban is always my companion because its frame really fits in to the type of face shape I have.

My Jacket is from Guess and I just bought it for 7 USD, Yes! that cheap! because I have my reward points plus I’d used my voucher code for 40 USD less hence I just got this piece for 7 USD in total, Included Tax – of course.

Bag is pretty chic and it’s from Kate spade and I spent for 200 USD in it, Too bad, I haven’t use any voucher in purchasing because I am in rush though on obtaining it. But I think, it’s worth to have because the bag is pretty leather that would surely lasted for good years, I am sure..

And my whole outfit, I mean the top, bottom and my booties are all from macy’s and I just both them in the cheapest prices. And as far as I remembered, I just paid like 35 USD for 3 pieces already hence I got a great deals for them..

Enjoying at Napa valley home of the wine country

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Hooray for the day! Yes! we really enjoyed our stayed in Sanfo as you went through these awesome places that we couldn’t imagine to went through. Actually, I am not familiar with this place called Napa valley home of the wine country in San Francisco until I’ve watched the Filipino Drama ” On the wings of love” where they’ve got a chance to have a shoot their scenes in this beautiful and nature love place which has a lot of grapes planted – as you can see on the photo on top.

Husband and Me had drove for like 7 hours in total including the stop over just to reached at this place, good thing that we’ve got an week off from work hence we don’t have to rush things just to compile at work.

 photo FB_IMG_1444888198189_zpsgndahugp.jpg

We actually went here with friends but due with the excitement we forgot though to have a snap together because they did went immediately to the wine house which is on the other part of the place.

You can see the photo of the wine house below:

 photo FB_IMG_1444888204301_zpsci7oho59.jpg

A lot of barrels of wine and here where they can ferment it for the great taste of the wine. I think, they should stored the wine for like at least 3 years before they can sell it in the market.

New year’s celebration

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First off, lemme greet you all a happy new year and I wish all the best this whole new year and have all your dreams came true by working on it in the hardest you can, of course.

Recently, actually on the the new year day , January 1 2016, me and my husband decided to have our little celebration for us to thank all the blessing that our Lord God had poured us this previous year 2015. Indeed, we were blessed enough in both career and love which our relationship became more strongest this year as we overcome all the hardest trials we’ve been bump into. Luckily, there’s no such tragic happened in both of our family. Which I truly thank you for big time, and hopefully this year ahead, 2016, will be also that fine like the previous one.

Husband and me had checked in in the finest hotel in California for a night for us to experience on how to feel luxurious beside it’s just once a year to happened hence we should enjoy it much though the accommodation on this hotel is quite beyond our budget.. hehe But I’d look forward that someone who owns a hotels there that’s currently reading me here would take me as their blogger and review their awesome room for us to try.. hahah Hopefully I can get such offer soon..

Comfortable footwear to consider

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I know most of you will agree on me then that kicks and sneakers are ones comfortable to wear above all the available footwear today in the market. Because of the durability, comfortability and you can go around without having a problem as you wears it, which one function that mostly consumers are considering about, Either I actually I loves to wear my kicks than on my wedges and heels.

Also, kicks are versatile enough to rock on for your daily styling, they can be best companion on your daily mall errands, school activities even in some casual events such as birthdays and company’s events you should just then know on how to proper mix and matches clothes for you to achieve the perfect style of your kicks.

 photo tumblr_mbmmf2nfH01qzhhrw_zps3mswykup.jpg

And if you’re particular with brand, I may then suggest you a pair of hip Sperry Topsider boat shoes from Zalora. Because this type of slip on shoes are the most considered and picked by the fashion enthusiast today which can make you in trend as well as you wears one for yourself.

Sprerry Tosider shoes are one of my eager piece because they can easily to wear and you can rock them in either for summer and fall which you can play in a way on your own fashion sense by incorporating the shoes in different fashion finds you had over the closet.

Beach feels weddings

 photo boho_zpsektdzyt4.jpg

Everyone of us has this dreamt wedding to fulfill, especially us girls. Because we, girls, are naturally sentimental and liking to have the best out of the best,most of the time, hence when it comes to our own wedding day we really wanted all the best and we see to it that all things were wrapped and settled on the timely fashion. Actually, when the time I took my own aisle as I says my vows to my husband we do prepared all things up personally because I wanted to see on how the wedding flows on my own as I am so hands-on in it, I know most of you gels will relate on me, right?

 photo MaggieSottero-DesireeHartsock-Spring2015-Dahlia-wedding-dress-e1411159390328-640x832_zpskp85lvnr.jpg

If you were planing to have your own wedding this summer. I should recommend for you to have the boho type of wedding, I mean the garden or beach type one which is one rare to do because everyone’s fond on the classic way, the church wedding… You could check out online for your boho wedding dresses  because there’s a bunch available online than to those mortar stores nears you. Also, boho dresses are versatile to wear where you can either wears it during your stay at beach after the wedding itself.

Mostly people are now talking about the Boho Wedding Dresses UK that one most picked by the possibly bride this year 2016. Because UK made are once in quality and the prices aren’t that much to consider. Go check online now and reserves your own boho dress.

Also, let me leave this youtube video of SNSD performing their latest single entitled ” PARTY”. They’re wearing some boho dresses for you to see.