Welcome To My site, USA-GOU.COM

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Hi Folks,

Firstly, Thanks for visiting me here as I am too keen to put up all my personal travel experiences and tips here as I can’t include them up over my other site called detodoeuropa.com. Hence, I am putting all the travels here as well some sorts of my fashion finds and outfit posts, probably.

What do you expect here?

Well, As I says. This blog is about all my travel photos and my personal experiences either I’ll put my itinerary for you to follow as you quite pleases though on what I did in the certain places I’ve been to.

 Since I am currently residing in the states. You can then expect me to post up all my states travels as we planned, me and my husband, to have an states tour this coming march, 2016 that may filled up this blog surely with bunch of awesome scenery that I got snapped to.